Talent Profile

Sophia L

24, SA
Actor, Extra, Commercial Face, Theatrical, Voice Over

Physical Details

Height: 165 cm Shoe size: 9
Weight: 63 kg Hair Length: Long
Clothing Size: 12 Complexion: Olive
Chest/bust: 94 cm Ethnicity: Italian
Waist/hips: 75 cm Eye colour: Hazel

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Experience Year Role Production Name Production Type Director
Theatre 2012 Tree/ Oz Woman The Wizard of Oz Musical Juliet Nicolle
Theatre 2010 Fairy/ Villager Beauty and the Beast Musical Max Mastrosavas
Theatre 2009 Chorus Member Cabaret Musical Max Mastrosavas
Short Film 2012 MoneyPenny 007-Diamond's Cut Film Matthew Williams
Theatre 2012 Peter Quince/ Fairy A Midsummer Night's Dream Play Linda Giles
Theatre 2011 NessaRose The Wiz is Wicked Musical Shane Davidson
Theatre 2011 Zoe X-Stacy Play Vince Fusco


Skills: Singing  Dance Skills: -
Music Skills: -   Musical Instruments: Drums
Sports: Swimming, Other   Languages: English, Italian