Talent Profile

Peter S

72, SA
Actor, Extra, Singer, Theatrical

Physical Details

Height: 170 cm Shoe size: 8
Weight: 78 kg Hair Length: Balding
Clothing Size: ML Complexion: Medium
Chest/bust: 104 cm Ethnicity: Caucasian
Waist/hips: 90 cm Eye colour: Hazel

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Experience Year Role Production Name Production Type Director
TV Commercial 1997 Head Shot Savings & Loans 30 Sec
Theatre 2000 John Graham Whitfield The Night Of January 16th Drama Annie Blood
Theatre 2000 Big Jule Guys & Dolls Musical Mike Pole
Theatre 2001 Mr Baldwin The Night Of The Ding Dong Comedy Loriel Smart
Theatre 2001 Juror No. 3 12 Angry Men Drama Andy Ahrens
Theatre 2001 Mr Briggs Our Day Out Musical Sally Putnam
Theatre 2002 Capt Brackett South Pacific Musical Hermonn
Theatre 2003 Mr Elton Emma Drama Elaine Lee
Theatre 2001 Judge Witness For The Prosecution Drama Ian Rigney
Theatre 2002 Peter Kroger Pack Of Lies Drama Loriel Smart
Theatre 2003 Tim Barton Ten Times Table Comedy Norm Caddick
Theatre 2004 Tubby Hobson's Choice Comedy Drama Patty Atherton
Theatre 2003 Mr Bascombe Carousel Musical Leonie Osborne
Theatre 2004 Inspector Edwina Black Drama Loriel Smart
Theatre 2007 Various Little Me Musical Ian Rigney
Theatre 2004 Phillip Relatively Speaking Comedy Norm Caddick
Theatre 2004 Daddy Warbucks Annie Musical David Sinclair
Theatre 2006 The Common Man A Man For All Seasons Drama Richard Lane
Theatre 2008 Perry Lascoe Waiting In The Wings Drama Barry Hill
Theatre 2009 Felix Armstrong The History Boys Drama Sally Putnam
Theatre 2005 Various Oh! What A Lovely War Musical Thorin Cupit
Theatre 2010 Morris Dixon Present Laughter Comedy Barry Hill
Theatre 2010 Vicar Of Worcester The Herbal Bed Drama Sally Putnam
Theatre 2010 Arthur Hollis Why Me? Comedy Kym Clayton
Theatre 2008 Earnest Bedroom Farce Comedy Kym Clayton
Theatre 2011 Stephen Febble The Weekend Comedy Kym Clayton
Theatre 2012 John Stone Death By Chocolate Comedy Ian Rigney


Skills: Singing  Dance Skills: -
Music Skills: General, Other   Musical Instruments: -
Sports: -   Languages: English


Year Award Description
2006Best Dramatic ActorMessenger Drama Critics Award