Talent Profile

Sarah C

32, WA
Actor, Extra, Singer, Theatrical, Variety, Voice Over

Physical Details

Height: 167 cm Shoe size: 9
Weight: 56 kg Hair Length: Short
Clothing Size: Complexion: Pale
Chest/bust: cm Ethnicity: Caucasian
Waist/hips: cm Eye colour: Blue

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Experience Year Role Production Name Production Type Director
Theatre 2003 Chorus Paint Your Wagon Musical Carole Dhu
Theatre 2004 Chorus Seven Brides for Seven Brothers Musical Carole Dhu
Theatre 2005 Chorus Les Miserables Musical Carole Dhu
Theatre 2005 Pistol The Merry Wives of Windsor Shakespeare Joanne Williams
Theatre 2006 Elaine Lamb Cloudstreet Play - Australian Drama Jenny Davis
Theatre 2007 Annie Loder Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde Play - Classic Drama Nicola Bond & Peter Kirkwood
Theatre 2007 Judith Henna Night One act play Peter Kirkwood
Theatre 2008 Riley Morrow The Trips One act play
Theatre 2008 Prince Sleeping Beauty Pantomime Nicola Bond & Peter Kirkwood
Theatre 2012 Greedfox/Otter The Ashgirl Play - Fairytale Nicola Bond & Peter Kirkwood
Theatre 2013 Chrysola/Heath/Cameraman/Chook/Groupie He Died With a Felafel in His Hand Play - Comedy Phil Barnett & Chris Thomas
Theatre 2013 Harry Knott The Season at Sarsaparilla Play - Australian Drama Peter Kirkwood


Skills: Singing  Dance Skills: -
Music Skills: General   Musical Instruments: Drums, Guitar, Woodwind
Sports: Boxing, Cycling, Fencing, Skiing, Snowboarding, Swimming   Languages: -


Year Award Description
2007Best NewcomerAdjudicator's Award - State one Act Drama Festival