Talent Profile

Amanda P

34, QLD
Actor, Extra, Commercial Face, Musician, Promotional Artist, Singer, Theatrical, Voice Over

Physical Details

Height: 175 cm Shoe size: 8
Weight: 62 kg Hair Length: Shoulder
Clothing Size: 10 Complexion: Olive
Chest/bust: cm Ethnicity: Caucasian
Waist/hips: 63 cm Eye colour: Brown

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Experience Year Role Production Name Production Type Director
Theatre 2011 Arielle Line in the Dust Play Clayton Buffoni
Theatre 2010 Clare Road Play Michael Karolis
Theatre 2010 Zoe Struthers Bombshells Play/Musical Nicole Selby
Theatre 2009 Gull Gulls Play Clayton Buffoni
Theatre 2009 Audrey Little Shop of Horrors Musical Craig Stewart
Theatre 2008 Miranda Return to the Forbidden Planet Musical Cath Wilson
Theatre 2008 Solo Performer (various) Starting Here, Starting Now Musical Jocelyn Speight
Theatre 2007 Eva Kindertransport Play
Theatre 2006 Luisa Nine Musical Gavin Leah
Theatre 2006 Emma Department of Nothing Play Lucy Egger
Short Film 2008 Lead female Please!
Short Film 2008 Extra Travelling this way
Feature Film 2006 Extra Superman Returns Bryan Singer
Feature Film 2003 Extra Matrix Reloaded/Revolutions Andy & Lana Wachowski
TV Commercial 2006 Sporty girl RSVP
TV Commercial 1998 Daughter KFC


Skills: Singing  Dance Skills: Jazz, Modern, Tap
Music Skills: General, Modern, Rock   Musical Instruments: Guitar
Sports: Athletics, Basketball, Cycling, Fencing, Horse Riding, Martial Arts, Swimming, Other   Languages: English


Training Year Course Name Company/College
Acting2008Diploma of Acting (3 years)Ensemble Studios
Voice2008Diploma of Acting (3 years)Ensemble Studios
Dance2008Diploma of Acting (3 years)Ensemble Studios
Singing2006Ongoing trainingPeter Bodner
Music2002Ongoing training (including classical piano)Various