Talent Profile

Maria P

23, WA
Actor, Extra, Singer, Theatrical, Voice Over

Physical Details

Height: 150 cm Shoe size: 2
Weight: 41 kg Hair Length: Long
Clothing Size: 8 Complexion: Dark
Chest/bust: 83.5 cm Ethnicity: European
Waist/hips: 73 cm Eye colour: Dark Brown

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Experience Year Role Production Name Production Type Director
Theatre 2008 Celia As You Like It School Production Jane Diamond
Theatre 2009 Siamese Twin The King and I School Production Deirdre Atkins
Theatre 2010 Norah A Dolls House School Production Julia Perkins
Theatre 2011 Hero- Much Ado About Nothing Shakespeare's Comedies School Production Will
Theatre 2012 Zac Cosi School Production Theodor
Short Film 2005 Extra Frankie's Story


Skills: Singing  Dance Skills: -
Music Skills: Blues, Modern   Musical Instruments: -
Sports: -   Languages: Portuguese


Training Year Course Name Company/College
Acting2008-2012Specialist Drama Gifted and TalentedJohn Curtin College of the Arts