Talent Profile

David K

32, QLD
Actor, Extra, Model, Commercial Face, Theatrical, Variety

Physical Details

Height: 175 cm Shoe size: 10
Weight: 80 kg Hair Length: Long
Clothing Size: M Complexion: Medium
Chest/bust: 98 cm Ethnicity: Asian
Waist/hips: 85 cm Eye colour: Brown

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Experience Year Role Production Name Production Type Director
Theatre 2005 Duke of Albany King Lear Theatre Mark Q
Theatre 2003 Friar Laurence Romeo & Juliet Theatre Thomas
Theatre 2002 Extra The Great Gatsby Theatre Thomas
TV Commercial 1994 Extra Children Clothing TV Hwan Gu Lee
Theatre 2007 Extra Certain Australian Company Theatre Robert Swarznick


Music Skills: -   Musical Instruments: Electric Bass, Guitar
Sports: Athletics, Basketball, Boxing, Football, Martial Arts, Tennis   Languages: English, Other