Talent Profile

Matt G

30, QLD
Extra, Model, Commercial Face, Promotional Artist

Physical Details

Height: 186 cm Shoe size: 10
Weight: 88 kg Hair Length: Collar
Clothing Size: M Complexion: Medium
Chest/bust: 102 cm Ethnicity: Australian
Waist/hips: 88 cm Eye colour: Blue

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Experience Year Role Production Name Production Type Director
Short Film 2013 Teen Guy Friend Request Short Film Danny McShane
Short Film 2011 Nate Keys to your Heart Short Film Sarah-Mace Dennis
Short Film 2008 Buddy #1 Strike Short Film Herbey Wagner
Short Film 2009 Stark Raving Mad The Assassination of the Ice Cream King by the Coward Stark Raving Mad Short Film Joe Bauer
Feature Film 2009 Andre The Killage Feature Film (incomplete) Joe Bauer
Short Film 2008 Tony Almeida 48 Short Film Joe Bauer
Feature Film 2009 Tree Lopper The Little Things Feature Film Neil McGregor
Photographic Modelling 2013 Groom/Fiance The Valentine Wedding Photography Wedding photo shoot Carlton Talbot


Music Skills: -   Musical Instruments: Piano, Violin
Sports: Swimming, Tennis, Other   Languages: English