Talent Profile

Neel G

27, WA
Actor, Extra, Commercial Face, Entertainer, Theatrical, Voice Over

Physical Details

Height: 182 cm Shoe size: 11
Weight: 90 kg Hair Length: Short
Clothing Size: Large Complexion: Other
Chest/bust: 105 cm Ethnicity: Caucasian
Waist/hips: 103 cm Eye colour: Blue Green

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Experience Year Role Production Name Production Type Director
Feature Film 2011 Neel Demons Blake Prosser
Feature Film 2012 Derrik Paul Greenway Lachlan Renk
Feature Film 2013 One Night Stand Great Big Bucket of Love Adam Lynton
Feature Film 2013 Protester Waiting 2: Girl on Death Row Hilman Basri
Feature Film 2014 Lone Clubber Five Stages
Feature Film 2014 Seedy Bar Patron Broken Contract James Pentecost
Feature Film 2014 Clubber Pulse Daniel Monks, Stevie Cruz-Martin and Gemma Hall
Feature Film 2014 Party Guest Casing Bec Kwan Ahearn
Short Film 2012 Thug Waiting Hilman Basri
Short Film 2014 Maximillion Bugs Trevor McAuliffe
Short Film 2014 Rodney Dying to Live Jessica Barrett
Short Film 2015 Duck Suit Kid Pest Control Simon Hill
Voice Over 2015 Nick The Conantur Danny Field
Voice Over 2015 Sorrell Broken Rubies Koka the Cat
Voice Over 2015 Kenneth The Grey Legacy R.E.Paige
Theatre 2010 The Porter Macbeth Lisa Barrett
Theatre 2013 Bellhop Born Yetserday Noel O'Niell
Theatre 2012 Kurogo Dancer M. Butterfly Barry Park
Theatre 2013 Paper Boy Snow and Ash Valerie Dragojevic
Theatre 2013 Graham, Reg, Chorus Merry-Go Round in the Sea Amanda Crewes
Theatre 2013 Toby/Director Take me In Group devised work
Theatre 2012 Lost Soul/Director Shipwreck Group devised work
Other 2011- Roleplayer Simulation Dianne Ritson
Other 2014- Roleplayer Simulation Alison Dyson
Radio 2014- Producer Stay Tuned Radio Show


Music Skills: -   Musical Instruments: -
Sports: -   Languages: English


Training Year Course Name Company/College
Acting2011-2014Contemporary Performance/Theatre StudiesWAAPA
Acting2012Perth StompZen Zen Zo