Talent Profile

Michael G

54, QLD
Actor, Extra, Commercial Face, Stunt Performer, Voice Over

Physical Details

Height: 179 cm Shoe size: 11
Weight: 83 kg Hair Length: Short
Clothing Size: Large Complexion: Fair
Chest/bust: 107 cm Ethnicity: Australian
Waist/hips: 86 cm Eye colour: Blue

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Experience Year Role Production Name Production Type Director
Feature Film 2006 stunt driver The Marine US production Jon Bonito
Mini Series 2006 stunt actor Forensic Investagators Aust TV series Charles Mann
Mini Series 2007 stunt performer The Starter Wife US TV series Jon Avnet
Feature Film 2007 stunt driver Superman Returns US production Bryan Singer
Feature Film 2007 stunt actor The Condemned US production Scott Wiper
Feature Film 2008 stunt asst Daybreakers US production The Spierig Brothers
Feature Film 2008 stunt perfermor Kokoda Aust production Alister Grierson
Feature Film 2009 stunt actor The Horseman Aust production Steven Katriossis
Feature Film 2009 stunt actor Subdivision Aust production Sue Brooks
TV Commercial 2010 stunt driver KIA Aust production
Feature Film 2010 stunt asst Singularity Indian production Roland Joffe
Feature Film 2011 stunt actor Bad Karma US production Suri Krishnamma
TV Commercial 2011 stunt double Nutri Grain Aust production
Mini Series 2012 stunt actor The Gods Of Wheat Street Aust TV series Adrian Wills
Mini Series 2013 stunt double Camp US TV series Nicholas Bufalo
Feature Film 2014 stunt actor Drive Hard US production Brian Trenchard-Smith


Music Skills: -   Musical Instruments: -
Sports: Boxing, Football, Golf, Horse Riding, Motorbike Riding, Shooting, Skiing, Swimming, Tennis   Languages: English


Training Year Course Name Company/College
Stunts2001-2015Stunt ActorMEAA Graded