Talent Profile

Leah J

23, VIC
Actor, Extra, Commercial Face, Theatrical

Physical Details

Height: 177 cm Shoe size: 9
Weight: 63 kg Hair Length: Long
Clothing Size: 8 Complexion: Fair
Chest/bust: cm Ethnicity: European
Waist/hips: cm Eye colour: Blue

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Experience Year Role Production Name Production Type Director
Short Film 2015 Lotte Benseman Die Flamme Period Drama Aaron Falvey
Theatre 2015 Millie Adventures of Millie Children's play Laura Irish
Short Film 2013 Alix Shooting the moon Chamber Drama Rik Stowman
Theatre 2013 Grusha Caucasian Chalk Circle Brecht Theatre Keran Brady
Short Film 2013 Destiny Pulling Focus Sci-Fi Alex Hargreaves
Theatre 2013 Titania Midsummer Nights Dream Shakespeare Maniana Raunigg
Theatre 2013 Portia Merchant of Venice Shakespeare Leah Jacksties
Theatre 2013 Victim/Attacker Rape Brecht Monologue Keran Brady
Theatre 2012 Elizabeth Proctor The Crucible Period Drama Keran Brady
Theatre 2012 Carol Shakers Comedy Keran Brady
Theatre 2011 Mistress Ford Merry Wives of Winsdor Shakespeare Isabella O'Connor
Theatre 2011 Vicky Click International Drama/Comedy Jasmine Hanshaw
Dance 2013 Tribal dancer O Cisne Branco Stage Challenge Nicky Marshall
Dance 2011 Ghost Behind Closed Doors Stage Challenge Hannah Kremmer
Theatre 2010 Juliet Romeo and Juliet Shakespeare Tammy Besley
Theatre 2012 Mother Shattered Trinity Exam/Drama Hayden De Jong
Theatre 2010 Lucinda Into The Woods Musical Richard Carruthers
Theatre 2010 Horatio Hamlet Shakespeare Keran Brady
Theatre 2009 Lily Annie Musical Richard Carruthers
Theatre 2009 Katherine Taming of the shrew Shakespeare Monica Manning
Theatre 2009 Nancy Coupla Bimbos sittin' round talkin' Comedy Richard Carruthers


Skills: Dancing  Dance Skills: Modern
Music Skills: -   Musical Instruments: -
Sports: Athletics, Basketball, Football, Horse Riding, Skiing, Swimming, Other   Languages: English, German, Spanish


Training Year Course Name Company/College
Acting2013Screen ActingNational Youth Drama School
Acting2013Meisner TrainingRik Stowman


Year Award Description
2013NZQA Scholarship DramaNZ highest high school grade for Drama performance
2011-2013Drama CupTop Student at Nayland College for Drama
2013Best ActressSheila Winn Shakespeare Festival
2013Best 15 minute SceneSheila Winn Shakespeare Festival
2013Best Comedic SceneSheila Winn Shakespeare Festival
2013Runner up best 5 minute sceneSheila Winn Shakespeare Festival
2012Trinity Group PerformanceTrinity Exam awarded 94%
2011Best Comedy PerformanceSheila Winn Shakespeare Festival
2011Best Connection between two actorsSheila Winn Shakespeare Festival
2010Best understanding of the textSheila Winn Shakespeare Festival
2010Most promising actorSheila Winn Shakespeare Festival