Talent Profile

Morgan S

25, NSW
Actor, Entertainer, Singer, Stunt Performer, Theatrical, Artist

Physical Details

Height: cm Shoe size: 9
Weight: kg Hair Length: Long
Clothing Size: Complexion: Pale
Chest/bust: cm Ethnicity: Other
Waist/hips: cm Eye colour: Green

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Experience Year Role Production Name Production Type Director
Other 2016 Dancing Hanging Girl Halloween Horror Nights Haunt Scott Kleckner
Theatre 2017 Marcy \\\"Cricket\\\" Crichett Long Joan Silver Play Danielle Ozymandias
Theatre 2016 Various Urban Death Experimental Jana Wimer
Theatre 2016 Various Blood Alley Experimental Zombie Joe
Theatre 2012 Charlotte 13: A New Musical Musical Samantha Cordwell
Theatre 2015 Ensemble Les Miserables Musical Larry Raben
Theatre 2015 Multiple/Writer The Happening: Meraki Multi-Media Michael Deragon
Theatre 2015 Multiple/Writer The Haunting Multi-Media Michael Deragon
Other 2016 Cassidy Sex and The Hot Tub Wed Series Multiple
Other 2016 Stunt Performer 360 Fight Video Blake Harbour
Short Film 2017 Stunt Safety The Liberty AFI Student Film Jill Sacs
Feature Film 2016 Featured Zombie Better Off Zed Butcher Bird Studios Travis Stevens


Skills: Dancing, Singing  Dance Skills: Ballet, Jazz, Tap
Music Skills: Country & Western, Folk, General, Jazz, Other   Musical Instruments: Piano
Sports: Athletics, Boxing, Cycling, Swimming   Languages: Other


Training Year Course Name Company/College
Acting2016BFA Performing ArtsAMDA LA/NY
Stunts2017SPT Testing SAFDLos Angeles Fight Academy