Talent Profile

Shaun M

29, QLD
Actor, Extra, Comedian, Entertainer, Theatrical

Physical Details

Height: 172 cm Shoe size: 13
Weight: 120 kg Hair Length: Short
Clothing Size: L/XL Complexion: Fair
Chest/bust: cm Ethnicity: Australian
Waist/hips: cm Eye colour: Brown

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Experience Year Role Production Name Production Type Director
Theatre 2006 A Bird The Garden School play Simon Marsden
Theatre 2007 Disciple of Jesus Waiting School Play Simon Marsden
Theatre 2008 A doctor (Main) The Donor School Play Simon Marsden
Theatre 2007 Citizan Underground Academy play Alex Podger
Theatre 2006 Greed 7 Deadly Sins Academy Play Alex Podger
Other 2012 Man in yellow hat (main) Curious George Interactive children's play Andy Mciver


Music Skills: -   Musical Instruments: -
Sports: -   Languages: English


Training Year Course Name Company/College
Acting06-11 Australian Acting Academy
Acting06-11DramaSouthside Christian College