Talent Profile

Andrew R

51, VIC
Actor, Extra, Presenter, Theatrical, Voice Over

Physical Details

Height: 185 cm Shoe size: 11
Weight: 80 kg Hair Length: Balding
Clothing Size: M Complexion: Medium
Chest/bust: 110 cm Ethnicity: Caucasian
Waist/hips: 87 cm Eye colour: Blue

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Experience Year Role Production Name Production Type Director
Feature Film 1996 Lover#2 Hotel De Love Craig Rosenberg
Other 1999 Theo Witch Hunt TV Movie Scot Hartford-Davis
Short Film 1998 Vincent Bread, Wine and Cheese V.C.A. Student film Callum
Short Film 1998 Woody Motherly Love V.C.A. Student film Lucy
Short Film 2011 Liam Nerve Endings F.C.C. Student Film Guy Tyzak
Short Film 2011 John Thirsty Work Tropfest entry Damian
Other 1996 Stockman #2 Snowy River: The McGregor Saga T.V. series Pino Amenta
Other 1997 Tony Timms Blue Heelers (Gold) T.V. series Chris Langman
Other 1997 Tony Timms Blue Heelers (Under Siege) T.V. series Chris Langman
Other 1998 Plain Clothes Cop Stingers (Backlash) T.V. series Paul Moloney
TV Commercial 1997-8 Footy Fan V.B. Ad
Photo Shoot 1998 Easy Person to Deal With Telstra National Print insert print insert
Theatre 2000 Director/Producer Cosi Todd's Hall Production Andrew Russell
Theatre 2001 Director/Producer Love Child Todd's Hall Production Andrew Russell
Theatre 1993 Choryphaeus Agamemnon Touring J-P Voos
Theatre 1993 Loop Futz Touring J-P Voos
Theatre 1993 Valera Visions Tropic Line Mark Gaal
Theatre 1993 Lawrence Home Free Helix J-P Voos
Theatre 1993 Jokanaan Salome Helix J-P Voos
Theatre 1993 Eben Desire Under the Elms Helix J-P Voos
Theatre 1994 Edward A Slight Ache Helix Lisa Mitchell
Theatre 1994 Charlie Charlie and Algernon Helix J-P Voos
Theatre 1994 Inspector Christie in Love TACT Tanya Sorrell
Theatre 1994 Les East TACT David Platt
Theatre 1995 Adam The Four Seasons J.C.U. Honours Production Andrew Russell
Theatre 1995 Doug Cosi J.C.U. Honours Production Michael Beresford Plummer
Theatre 1995 Brand Brand J.C.U. Honours Production Michael Dickinson
Theatre 1997 Futz Futz Gorgeous Productions Brendan O'Connor
Theatre 1996 Joe Who's Fanny Who's Productions Name Lost in House Fire
Theatre 1998 Inspector Christie in Love Gorgeous Productions Andrew Russell
Theatre 1994 Jon (male lead) Confronting Fallen Idols Interplay '94 Nick Enright


Music Skills: -   Musical Instruments: -
Sports: Athletics, Cycling, Football, Horse Riding, Motorbike Riding, Shooting, Skiing, Swimming   Languages: -


Training Year Course Name Company/College
Acting1990-92Bachelor of TheatreJames Cook University
Acting1995Bachelor of Theatre HonsJames Cook University
Acting2011Acting for TelevisionRehearsal Room
Acting2011Advanced Acting for TelevisionRehearsal Room


Year Award Description
2001Local HeroAustralia Day awards Tasmania
2004Coach's TrophyFingal Valley Football Club Tasmania
2012Coach's TrophySth. Yarra Football Club Melbourne